We are a Near Field Communications Technology and Cloud based systems company. We serve our global clients in identifying areas of continues improvement, where customers can further engage with brands by offering contextually relevant and value content access through their mobile devices. To then use NFC a non intrusive and existing technology as a platform to build more rapid and effective connections, as well as brand loyalty with their customers and/or employees. Our custom products allow for users to manage their places and objects, assign content, analyze performance and more – all in real-time. It is the only platform in the world that supports seamless interactivity and data flow through eight unique technologies.

NFC technology is one of the most forward-thinking tools in the field of marketing, business operations, and client services. The possibilities it offers are endless, and the companies that start applying it are taking the cat to the water. It is highly important that an organization stays technologically competitive and embrace broader fields in the services they offer to their clients to open new fronts and achieve more direct communication. EtiTags NFC is headquartered in the known Dulles Technology Corridor located in Northern, Virginia just outside Washington, DC with satellite facilities in Latin America, Europe and China.