Below find the most common Frequently Ask Questions by our clients

  1. What are NFC tags?
  2. What information can you store?
  3. What are NFC tags use for?
  4. Could someone change my NFC tag?
  5. How can I encode NFC tags?
  6. Which phones support NFC tags?
  7. What else can I do with NFC tags?
  8. Is the NFC tag technology different than mobile payment tech?
  9. Will NFC tags replace QR Codes?
  10. What batteries do they take?
  11. How close do you have to be to the tag?
  12. What is NFC?
  13. What are the primary uses of NFC?
  14. What are applications that use NFC?
  15. What are the benefits of NFC?
  16. How does NFC technology work for mobile contactless payments?
  17. Are NFC applications secure?
  18. What is the secure element?
  19. How is NFC different from or related to radio frequency identification (RFID)?
  20. How does NFC relate to EMV payment technology and contactless technology?
  21. What phones will have NFC?
  22. What NFC services are available?
  23. Where can I learn more about NFC?